Carbs: Good or Bad?

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Let’s talk CARBS! Those fun macronutrient that are in so much debate these days. Most people know carbs to be what your body uses for energy. However, there are a couple other reasons why carbs are actually a critical part of your diet:

1. Many carbs are not easily digestible. That sounds bad but, its actually SOOO important. These carbs go undigested through the small intestine and end up in the large intestine where they are used as food by your good gut bacteria. These carbs are critical for your gut health! And as we are continually learning more about, your gut health affects almost every other body system from your brain, hormones, and immune system.

Some of these undigested carbs are also known as fibre. As fibre goes through your digestive system it pushes build up waste products out with it. This keeps your intestines clean and moving well. In other words, your poops will be regular and easy. Just how they are supposed to be.

2. Many carbs are not actually used as fuel, but as communication devices. For example, carbs that are found on cell surfaces help them to recognize and interact with other cells. Without carbs your body can’t effectively communicate with itself!

Carbs do way more than just provide quick energy. They are key to overall health! Now, not all carbs are equal. Eat unprocessed carbs from veggies, fruits, whole grains, and beans.

Avoid processed carbs that could have a lot of additives: white flours, white pastas, premade packaged foods.

White and other processed flours to make breads, pasta and packaged foods have been stripped of their out coatings. Its the coating of grains that contain the vitamins and minerals that are so important for health.

White flours break down easily to simple sugars causing a rapid and high glucose spike in your blood stream. This provides energy your body needs. But little else. And that is why processed carbs have gotten the stigma of being fattening. On top of this, processed carb foods often have lots of sugars, salts, and harmful additives that just add to the problem.

Real complex carbs, eaten as nature intended, often have a more sustained release into your blood stream. This will provide energy for longer, and thus will keep you satisfied without crashes and hunger. And you’ll get all those needed vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.

And with that, go forth and eat a balanced diet of all the macronutrients!

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